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Hotel Assessment

We provide owners and lenders with the industry insight and specific market knowledge necessary to deal with hotels that may be struggling due to the current turbulent industry conditions.

The lodging industry has been deeply affected by both the recession and scarcity of credit. These forces have caused a number of hotels to become delinquent on their mortgages and has restricted their ability to meet franchise improvement obligations. Now that demand has returned, we are seeing an increase in hotel renovations and in new hotel development. These market forces will exert even more pressure on underperforming properties. However, foreclosure may not be the best action for an otherwise competitive property.

Through our years of analyzing hotel markets and implementing hotel transactions, we understand the competitive nuances of the many layers of hotel product, the strengths and weaknesses of the various hotel franchises, what makes a hotel successful, and the realistic life-cycle of a hotel.  We can advise you on which hotels in your portfolio will likely improve in value as the market returns, and which hotels may not and we can identify a strategy that will maximize the value of a struggling hotel.