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Feasibility Studies

We prepare in-depth studies for all types of hospitality developments, with particular expertise in hotels, casinos, and casino amenities.

We have performed over 200 hotel market studies throughout the upper Midwest and have performed over 100 casino market studies for projects located in 27 states and four Canadian provinces.

Our feasibility studies include a comprehensive analysis of the project and the factors that will influence its success. we then communicate our conclusions and recommendations in a concise written report that includes key data and findings so that the client can see how we arrived at our findings.

  • Analysis and critical evaluation of competition

  • Analysis of the suitability of the site with respect to the surrounding area, proximity to demand generators, transportation and competition

  • Analysis of economic and demographic data to determine likely future market conditions

  • Facility recommendations that match both competitive and market conditions

  • Financial projections derived from calculated market share, competitive conditions, and the operating results of comparable facilities

  • Analysis of debt service coverage, return on investment, maximum justifiable expenditure, and sensitivity/risk analysis due to changes in key variables.