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Minnesota Lodging Trends

July 19, 2013

Minnesota statewide lodging results for the 1st half of 2013 show great improvement over last year: lodging demand has increased by almost 6% and the State's occupancy is up to 60% which is more than 3 points higher than last year. Combined with a 2.5% increase in average daily rate, the statewide RevPAR has increased by 8.5%.

For the 1st half of 2013, RevPAR has increased between 6% and 13% among the State's regions, except for Mankato which has declined by -6.7%.

The Twin Cities has also experienced good improvement for the 1st half of 2013 over last year. Lodging demand is up 5%, occupancy is more than 3 points higher at 65%, the average daily rate has increased by 2.5% to $99, and RevPAR is up 8.1%. Within the Twin Cities, Minneapolis has the highest occupancy (71%) and the highest ADR ($137).

The Duluth market has experienced a 7% increase in demand and a 4% increase in ADR. Rochester has experienced a 9% demand increase and a 1% ADR increase. St. Cloud has experienced a 8% increase in demand and a 2% increase in ADR.

Data provided by Smith Travel Research and published by Hospitality Minnesota